Get more subscribers with less

Signal Laboratories gives WISPs the competitive edge by helping them reach previously unreached customers at a drastically lower cost. Proprietary distributed MIMO technology allows for a small infrastructure footprint to serve a large geographic area.


Cleaner operations, happier customers


Significantly reduced barriers to deployment

  • Base station has no Line-of-Sight (LoS) requirements
  • No spectrum purchase or licensing required.
  • FCC Part 15 Certified

Wireless transmission

  • Base station transmits wirelessly to consumers up to 6 hops and a range of 9km
  • Operation at 2.4GHz and 5GHz with anchor channels at 900MHz

Plug-and-play self installation

  • Consumers are up and running in minutes
  • No outdoor equipment
  • No rooftop permitting

Easy network planning

A SigFi network is not just a mesh network. Your entire network cooperates to route traffic - and you do nothing! Single point-to-point connections are no longer required. Choke points are a thing of the past. SigFi is the only technology implementing Coherent Amplify-and-Forward with proprietary noise reduction, allowing your subscribers to relay packets without them being heard. Minimum subscriber density is low and can begin operating with as few as 100 subscribers. An LTE 4G fallback assures connection until your network is built out. Distributed MIMO can increase single-hop throughput by 10x or more.


The Distributed MIMO Advantage